Don’t Squish the Fish

Don’t squish the fish! Don’t squish the fish!...

a month ago

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It's been kind of hard to get back in the swing of things with the lockdown here in the UK. Making these notes the night before I would go to work was my way of keeping in touch with my son if I wouldn't see him in the morning. My working from home and his learning from home (along with us having to juggle 2 other small children) has obviously thrown that interaction out the window. But I was looking through the album of morning notes that I'd created over the last few months and reaslised that there was really no reason to stop - on the contrary - it's probably one of the sanest things I can be doing to keep some kind of schedule and regularity in the house.

So. I'm back on the morning notes with Squish the Fish. Feels a bit normal again.

Jim Christian

Published a month ago