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New Edition of Adventures in Minecraft

My copy of “Adventures in Minecraft (2nd Edition)” arrived...

Planetary Dev Log #1

I’ve been playing with VR using aframe. Here’s the first of my dev log journals detailing my experiments so far.

Boxing Day Fixes

These days you need to be armed with more than spare batteries to make sure the toys stay working over the holidays.

Raspberry Pi Pirate Radio

Build your own Raspberry Pi powered radio station to broadcast your kid’s favourite tunes on!

Think Like a Coder Book cover

Check out the awesome book cover for Think Like a Coder (Without Even...

Update to How to Code in Minecraft

Over on my subdomain,, I’ve posted some new...

Should Teachers Be Using Minecraft in the Classroom?

“Looking at the faces of these young men as they explain why Minecraft needs to be in the classroom says it all.”

United Kingdom Ordnance Survey in Minecraft

Sadly not to scale, but still impressive.

BBC British Museum to be digitally recreated in Minecraft

“It’s the digital equivalent of building the British Museum in Lego. You have to build it brick by brick”.

Listen to Max

Face it, you’re not going to do Word as a job.